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Web Design Kati Määttä – I design and produce WordPress-based websites for entrepreneurs, businesses and communities. I design and produce WordPress-based websites for entrepreneurs, businesses and communities. The pages are usually built from the customer’s ready-made content, but if necessary, I also draw Illustrations that suit the customer’s wishes. The pages are high quality, search engine optimized and completely individually tailored to your needs. Graphic design for the company included: Logo design, symbols and slogan, social media materials, advertising banners, printed marketing material and a brand book. Branding Kati Määttä. Web design included: Website layout design and launch, website content & SEO, lead generation, website analytics, usability tests, audiovisual material using Adobe programs. Branding Kati Määttä.Kati is a designer based in Helsinki. She graduated from Lahti Institute of Design (BA – Fashion & Clothing Design) in 2018. After the graduation, she has lived in Budapest for a while working as a clothing design assistant. After returning to Finland she has worked as a freelance designer and she studied postgraduate studies, Digital design, at Arcada University of Applied Sciences. Her passion for design is in clothing and textile design, digital design, branding and the art itself.As a designer She’s interested in designing pieces that take a stand for something important, for example human rights and equality.

Web Design Kati Määttä



As part of the 'See Us' team, I work as an Event Producer & Visual Designer. My main responsibility is to produce the visual material for the event and design the brand indentity and websites. SEE US is a cultural event that brings together mental health promotion through the arts and fashion. The opening event will be held on 19.8.2022.


Website design and launch for author Petra Rautiainen. Petra’s websites are bilingual, and the look and color theme is designed to match her personality and wishes. She also wanted some kind of illustration on her website, so I was happy to design a blueberry image, that I used as a wallpaper and decorate the overall look. The blueberry reflects Petra’s background in northern Finland and her down-to-earth personality. Rautianen Writing logo also designed by me.



I also do logo designs, Illustrations, social media materials, banners, printed marketing materials. You name it!

In Arcada's digital design course, I designed a brand identity and websites for a travel company named Xplor Finland. Xplor Finland is a service that presents various Finnish travel destinations.


Tiikeri Media’s First Steps was taken in 2020 when the first episode of the Tarinoita Piritorilta -podcast was released. After that Tiikeri Media’s service offering has expanded to create brand stories, content production, as well as visual and digital design. I have had the honor of working as a designer for the visual side of the Tiikeri Media. Websites & brand look by me.


Completely individually tailored websites

Logo designs by me: